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So thrilled to have my first picture book deal. Can't wait to share more. Also, I'm illustrating a chapter book series for Kids Can Press. More to come soon! Thanks to all those who have been so kind and supportive. It means a lot! :)
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I'm pleased to announce that I have been featured on one of my all time favorite blogs! Take a minute to check it out: 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast, 7-Imp's 7 Kicks #178: Featuring Up-and-Coming Illustrator, Ben Clanton…
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Ahoy! Just wanted to let you know that I started a new illustration blog. :)
Ahoy! I typically don't do these journal entries but I have both a big high to share and a huge low. Starting with the low . . . I broke (fractured) my right thumb a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately I am right handed. To say the least, I am itchin' to get out of this cast and start doing some artwork. Speaking of which, I received a $3,000 grant to write and illustrate a picture book this summer. Awesomeness! Lovin' the art people are coming out with. deviantART, what a neat but deadly place during finals week (which I just finished) :) Ben C
This is just a heads up that there is some sort of virus or spam going around. I received a suspicious link in a comment and not really paying attention clicked on it. I know that this caused at least one person to receive a the suspicious email under my name. So, be careful and don't click on a link that you aren't quite sure what it is for. I sure hope that it does not do any damage to my computer or that of any other who have gotten it.
Thank you to all of you who have welcomed me to DA! I am excited to explore, continue to find great art here, and improve my own art.

Also, this is a great group that I just joined that I highly recommend to anyone who appreciates art geared towards children:  *childrensillustrator

Thank you!
Ben C